Young Entrepreneurs Nominated for 2011 Emerging Business of the Year

Cameron Weeks, President and CEO of Weeks Communications (a.k.a. Weeks Geeks!) is perhaps one of the youngest entrepreneurs to incubate a business through the Flagship Enterprise Center...and perhaps Madison County.  With four years under his belt, this Purdue student offers insights on starting a business, his vision, and greatest achievements in an interview with the Madison County Chamber as a finalist for the 2011 Emerging Business of the Year Award.

MCC: What year was your company founded?

Weeks: 2007

MCC: What are the primary products/services of your company?

Weeks: Phone service and client/relationship management software

MCC: Why did you choose this industry?

Weeks: Actually, it was the furthest from my mind when we first started building a phone system but over time my business partner, Bracken, and I figured out this was an industry where we could save our customers a ton of money and could turn telephony into something that was innovative and fun. We had a chance to build something from scratch that would change the way phones systems help a business.

MCC: What is your company vision?

Weeks: Our motto is...Everything we do must create value. And our vision is along those lines as well. We will continue to build and provide features/benefits to our software and phones to meet the needs of growing client base. Continually build and develop a product that is sought after, helpful and affordable.

MCC: What are the greatest challenges of your work?

Weeks: I would say getting people to understand that although we are a smaller team, we are all we need. With the majority of our processes being automated, we have eliminated the need for a huge support staff. Many issues fix themselves automatically. Many people have the misconception you need to have a huge support team to manage a phone system which in our case is untrue. Another issue is proving we are what we say we are. Clients typically ask, "So whats the catch? How can you be this cheap?" We are willing to prove to them it is just as simple as we lay it out to be but so often that lengthens our selling cycle which we want to shorten.

MCC: What was your greatest achievement as a company in 2011?

Weeks: Building an amazing team and really developing some sustainability processes that we had never outlaid before....

MCC: What are your company goals for 2012?

Weeks: To dramatically expand our footprint beyond Indiana.

MCC: What would be your ideal vision of your company in 2025?

Weeks: To be one the leading national Hosted Communications platforms

MCC: Why Madison County?

Weeks: It was important to Bracken and I to give back to the community where we were raised. We both grew up here which helped but Madison County, specifically, Flagship Enterprise Center offered us an opportunity we couldn't refuse. Plus it was a heck of a lot cheaper and the commute was much shorter than when we were in Indianapolis.

MCC: What is one interesting fact about your company (or company president) that most people don't know?

Weeks: I, Cameron President/CEO, am one of the companies youngest employee's

MCC: What single word best describes the culture or attitude of your company?

Weeks: Ever-changing.....

MCC: Mac or PC in your company?

Weeks: All Mac's, is that a question? It's kind of like when someone asks do you prefer monopoly money or real money?

MCC: What do you and/or your staff donate time to?

Weeks: Development from an educational standpoint. (expand on online training, classes, etc). And many of our team members are very strong in their faith. We are involved in our churches and the various volunteer opportunities that arise through that. Our team is also VERY big on reaching out to students to let them know its OK to be a geek and its worth it to try a start-up. We have spoken at elementary schools, college campuses, organization meetings; attended coalitions, job fairs and networking events; and brought on interns, externs and nearly everything in between to reach out to, not just students, but many other individuals as well.

Weeks Communications will be honored as finalist and potential winner of the 2011 Emerging Business of the Year Award at the Madison County Chamber Annual Awards Gala on March 1, 2012 from 6 to 9 pm at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Anderson.  Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.



0 #7 Amy Crandall 2012-02-22 19:28
Awesome! So proud of you both!
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0 #6 Lindsey Hendren 2012-02-22 14:03
Way to go Cam!!! Congratulations to you and your team!
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0 #5 Heather Denton 2012-02-22 13:34
Wow Cameron, great work. Good Luck and congratulations for your vision and hard work!!!
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0 #4 jo ellen 2012-02-22 13:20
So proud to call you one of our own !!!! Good luck in all you do ! VERY VERY PROUD !!! Kudos to your Family and friends for helping you to become the productive individuals you have become !! LOVE you guys !
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0 #3 Ruth Pritchett 2012-02-17 12:38
Congratulations Cam! I always knew you and Bracken were amazing so this comes as no surprise!
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0 #2 Barb Alder 2012-02-17 11:56
What can you say about a company that got its start in a dorm room at Purdue? It's not impossible to think of the tech titans like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and others with humble beginnings maybe someday being talked about in the same context as Weeks Communications. We can all be grateful that Cameron and his colleagues came home to Madison County to grow. As a survivor of the 20th century telecom wars myself, I can only marvel at what these professionals are doing today--and be honored that they allow me to be an honorary Weeks Geek!
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0 #1 Marcy DeShong 2012-02-16 18:04
Another bright star in Madison county...Good Luck!
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