Behind the Counter with Randy Good, Small Business of the Year Award Finalist

When asked WHY Madison County, Randy Good - owner of Madison County icon Good's Candy Shop and finalist for the Madison County Chamber 2011 Small Business of the Year award - responds: "WHY NOT Madison County!" And he means it.

MCC goes behind the counter with Randy Good in the following interview:

MCC: What year was your company founded?

Good: 1981

MCC: What are the primary products/services of your company?

Good: Fine Chocolates, Nuts, Brittles, Fudge, Super Premium Ice Cream and Service of our guests.

MCC: Why did you choose this industry?

Good: My family has been in the candy business since 1940. Family members entered into the business in some fashion every few years. I had the opportunity to buy from my parents. I never worked a day in the business until the very day I purchased it; however envisioned its possibilities.

MCC: What is your company vision?

Good: Growth, it is a way of life for everyone associated with Good’s Candy Shop. We persevere with our steady, solid and planned growth. Each passing year creates opportunities for our associates and we like to see them grow with us. We all are committed and diligent in our 3 P’s, preserving, protecting and promoting our brand. We all understand that how we succeed is just as important as if we succeed.

MCC: What are the greatest challenges of your work?

Good: We really don’t recognize challenges. We see hurdles. But who wants to jump a hurdle? We are in business not track and field. Leave the jumping to the athletes. We see the hurdle as an opportunity and then try to change the game by going around it. This allows us to move with more confidence, a clearer vision and increase our chances of success. We’re constantly moving our brand forward and compete only against ourselves. We want to be better than last year, last month, last week and yesterday. In business you have to adapt. If we get a sense of control, like Mario Andretti says,” we probably aren’t going fast enough.” Sure we stumble, but try to fall forward. What was your greatest achievement as a company in 2011? It was the most profitable year we’ve had.

MCC: What are your company goals for 2012?

Good: To continue to be better at what we do. We will promote the growth of our new snack line and trademarked chocolate Cocoa Love. Each will place us in a different demographic which insulates us against market changes and peoples ever evolving buying habits. Cocoa Love, with its various health benefits, presents us with more opportunity to have a national presence. We also will remodel the candy shop side of our business to enhance the shopping experience for our guests.

MCC: What would be your ideal vision of your company in 2025?

Good: To have one or all three of my grandsons involved in the growth and prosperity of Good’s Candy Shop. Working with and teaching them our techniques and methods. Watching them continue to spread our message and preparing to go to the Chambers’ award gala to be recognized for 50 years in business.

MCC: Why Madison County?

Good: It’s home and we love it. We’re close enough to major metropolitan areas but yet far enough away to enjoy our quiet lives. We can be on an airplane to nearly anywhere in two hours and yet meet with friends at our local venues. This area allows us to make the lives we desire with ease. We feel we have all the advantages here. The question is “why not Madison County?” We have wonderful supportive people, low crime and a clean city. Why wouldn’t a business want to experience the tax advantages, affordable housing and great location we have to offer?

MCC: What is one interesting fact about your company (or company president) that most people don't know?

Good: I was named after a game show host and have always wanted to be one. Also, I cut my own hair. That’s two if you are keeping score.

MCC: What single word best describes the culture or attitude of your company?

Good: Good!

MCC: Mac or PC in your company?

Good: Is this a commercial? I don’t do endorsements.

MCC: What do you and/or your staff donate time to?

Good: Good’s Candy Shop is proud to donate financial resources and product to nearly 100 causes and organizations each year. We focus our interests on child abuse prevention, other child related issues and domestic violence as it pertains to the same, education, the arts, veterans and the elderly. After a 60 – 70 hour work week, time is precious and reserved for the ones we love.

Good's Candy Shop will be honored as finalist and potential winner of the 2011 Small Business of the Year Award at the Madison County Chamber Annual Awards Gala on March 1, 2012 from 6 to 9 pm at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Anderson.  Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.



+1 #3 Barb Alder 2012-02-14 18:13
Valentine's Day is the perfect day to let the world know what a good--no, GREAT--[*!#]et this lovely place is for Anderson and the surrounding community. Now I think I'll just stop by on the way home and buy a big red heart full of chocolates for myself in case nobody else does!
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+1 #2 Mike Latchaw 2012-02-14 11:11
What a testament to hard work and sound business mangement. Let's hope that Randy's vision for 2025 comes true and this community is blessed with Good's Candy for years to come.
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+1 #1 Marcy DeShong 2012-02-14 11:04
Good' of Madison County's 'Sweet Spots'!
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