A Vision Coupled with Hope


A vision coupled with hope When David killed Goliath, he didn't use the unfamiliar and untested weapons offered by King Solomon. He chose two: a sling and 5 smooth stones. These were but tools used to defeat the giant; however, I would proffer that the two authentic weapons vital to David's success were vision and hope.

David saw beyond the 9-foot leviathan with his spear, shield and breastplate, and envisioned, as well as hoped for, success. Why? He had a different perspective. Goliath was a temporary but removable obstacle to winning the battle, a mere human up against divine powers. David's vision and hope surpassed his obstacle.


The Buzz: July

"Let's give them something to talk about…"

  • Imagine an event that brings together the industries of technology, arts and entertainment, education, professional services, healthcare, green services, and non profits; sprinkle that with motivational speakers, growth experts, and then mix in guaranteed connections with a fun environment and you have the perfect recipe for the GETLINKEDMADISON EXPO. An event only for the adventurous. Coming Fall 2010.
  • The City of Anderson announced a $100K collaborative business fund that will be awarded in increments of 10K for businesses who work together to impact the economy. Application at + Madison County Chamber President, Kyle Morey, met with the Pendleton Business Association to present new vision and invite opportunity to partner. PBA is poised to help local businesses connect and through the Chamber link to regional businesses around Madison and Hamilton Counties. 
  • The Chamber knighted the new Ambassador Chair, Jill Guion of Anderson Univ., at the June WakeUp Breakfast. The taskforce plans to meet and recruit around Madison County offering brand building, facilitated connections, and buzz-making opportunities.

It’s time to get linked, Madison!

As a symbol of a young but uniting nation, stones from the 13 States were used in the construction of the Washington Monument to celebrate, in part, unity. Ironically, the Civil War broke out before the monument was erected. Referring to a biblical passage, Abraham Lincoln warned, “If a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom can not stand.”

If I were to sum up in one word the lesson to be learned, it would be: unity. United we stand, divided we fall!


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Get Linked Madison Indiana County ChamberAn Outsider’s Perspective

In the 20 plus days I have served here in Madison County, a burning question seems to boil up in every conversation: "so, Kyle, what is your take on our region as an outsider?" My response? Opportunity.

This region has an opportunity to learn from its past and advance in the future. It has the opportunity to build new partnerships with regional players. It has land, and lots of it. It has people who are diligent and concerned about its economy. It has infrastructure, already-in-action commerce, land developers, tourism, entertainment, real estate movers, industrial giants, innovative concepts, business incubators, historical landmarks, non profit missions, strong religious backbone, 7 cities and townships, and a wealth of been-there-and-done-it mentors who stand ready to teach us of our past and offer sound counsel on the future. We also have an up and coming generation of new opinion leaders — those who over time will build the wealth, experience, and clout needed to provide leadership and vision.

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