Element212 Gets a New Name and a Nomination for Emerging Business Award

A new name, a new focus, and a new award nomination...Element212's owners, Tammy and Todd Rimer, share their thoughts and feelings as business owners as well as finalists for the Madison County Chamber 2011 Emerging Business of the Year Award.

"We are humbled to be nominated along-side our peers Weeks Communications and State Farm-Amy Turner," says Tammy. "Both companies are very deserving of this award."

MCC: What year was your company founded?

Rimer: 2008

MCC: What are the primary products/services of your company?

Rimer: Brand buiding, Brand audits, Brand management, Marketing Strategy

MCC: Why did you choose this industry?

Rimer: There was a large need in Madison county for a professional marketing company and we were excited about meeting that need.

MCC: What is your company vision?

Rimer: To be known as a professional branding company and to be top of mind for any business looking to build better brand recognition and improve their marketing strategies.

MCC: What are the greatest challenges of your work?

Rimer: Time – there is a lot of work involved in building solid branding strategies and we always strive to deliver the best results possible – so we are always fighting against having enough time to get everything done that we hope to in a given day. The other challenge is educating business owners on the long term value that they will experience in building their brand awareness. Many business decision makers do not understand the difference between building their brand vs. marketing their services. Our goal is to educate business owners on how the two are different yet how they work together to grow a business.

MCC: What was your greatest achievement as a company in 2011?

Rimer: Refining our company focus, defining our services more specifically, integrating improved business processes and a smart project management system for our workflow and growing our revenues over 100%.

MCC: What are your company goals for 2012?

Rimer: We would like to retain more clients who are looking for brand building and management services. We are working to get out of project based accounts and are focusing on growing our retainer accounts for long term sustainability and growth.

MCC: What would be your ideal vision of your company in 2025?

Rimer: By 2025 I would like to have brand recognition throughout Indianapolis through Delaware county as the company to call for all things branding. I’d like to have 20 solid ongoing accounts that we manage monthly. I’d like to have a solid team of marketers that see working for Element212 as one of the best places to work in our area and I’d like to expand our services to help businesses better integrate the other touch points they share with their clients (like sales and customer service) into their brand management portfolio.

MCC: Why Madison County?

Rimer: Because there is a need for a company like ours. There is not a lot of competition, we like the culture of people here and feel lifted up by our peers in this area and mostly we want to be part of the growth and positive change in this area. Moving away and simply going somewhere nicer is easier – but is certainly not as fulfilling. Staying and trying to help improve an area that has such potential is exciting and very gratifying. I want Element212 to make a positive impact in Madison County.

MCC: What is one interesting fact about your company (or company president) that most people don't know?

Rimer: Our company started out as an economic development effort for Madison County and within the first year changed its focus to marketing due to the strong need we encountered in talking with businesses on the economic development side.

MCC: What single word best describes the culture or attitude of your company?

Rimer: Respect, we all have a great respect for one another which makes our culture one that is safe, fun and creative as everyone feels very free to share their opinions and concerns. Because we have such respect for one another no one ever feels “put down” but rather trusts the feedback from the team because we are all after the same goal which is to have Element212 become a great, successful company.

MCC: Mac or PC in your company?

Rimer: MAC all they way baby….pc’s stink!

MCC: What do you and/or your staff donate time to?

Rimer: Second Harvest Food bank, Wesley Free Methodist Church, Exchange Club. Every year we choose 2 non profits and donate some design time to them.

Element212 will be honored as finalist and possible award winner of the 2011 Emerging Business of the Year Award at the Madison County Chamber 2012 Annual Awards Gala on March 1, 2012 from 6 to 9 pm at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Anderson.  Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.



0 #2 Tammy Rimer 2012-02-21 16:31
Thank you so much Barb. You are a great friend and a huge [*!#]et to our community! We appreciate your support!!!!
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0 #1 Barb Alder 2012-02-20 10:48
What a great group of people to recognize! Todd and Tammy are not only terrific professionals, I am proud to call them my friends. So proud of both of you. I know you will continue to do great things both with your company and in the community.
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