Northside business emerges to the top as award finalist

By Dirk Webb, Flagship Enterprise Center

Toscana owner and founder, Lisa Singleton-Roberts, is nominated for emerging award


Lisa Singleton-Roberts, Owner/Operator

Toscana Event Centre

1314 Broadway Anderson, IN 46012

(317) 796-0004

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Born in Springfield, Ohio, Lisa Singleton-Roberts moved to North Anderson at age 3 and is a graduate of Old AHS. After graduation she joined the Marines as an MP. When she felt it was time to come home she moved to Indianapolis. Lisa felt “there was never that level of home town and comfort that I felt growing up.”

Married to her junior high school/high school sweetheart, Sam Roberts, and a mother of three, Lisa and Sam now live in the North Anderson home Sam grew up in. With plenty of space both indoor and outdoor, Toscana also offers Art of the Bottle, Children’s Art Classes and opens to Weddings, Receptions and club meetings.

Why here in Madison County? “I specifically chose this location because North Anderson needs more business. I am completely invested in my community, from having my business just blocks from my house to starting Growing Anderson, Inc. a non-profit community garden that is located on Vineyard.”

What are your goals for 2015? “For 2015, Toscana plans to offer food and beverage along with music, whether open mic night or a concert event. We have plenty of outdoor space as well!”

Who do you consider the most courageous person in history and why? “Abraham Lincoln. Here was a very complex person that worked tirelessly for what was right for our country, with very little support and against tremendous odds. His views on human rights and equality set the standard for where we are today. Admittedly, we need to get better but it was the courage of Lincoln that began this journey. I’m a bit of a history buff, I find him to be fascinating in both character and what he accomplished in history. Did you know that Lincoln actually established the Secret Service the very day he was assassinated? Just an odd tidbit.”

If you were to take that person on a tour of your business, what one thing would you want them to see? “I would want them to see what one person can do to effect change in their community. Toscana has improved the value of the homes in the direct area, is a historical firehouse and brings people back to the North side of Anderson. We also have the privilege of having the first Little Free Library in Madison County. We worked with the Madison County Literacy Coalition to make this happen. I can’t describe how fun it is to witness people of all ages using the library and the smiles that I get to see on their faces. .”

What was the defining moment when you knew your business was making a difference? “Probably early 2014 when I had several people in the neighborhood come to Toscana and tell me in person how much they appreciated someone coming in and making a difference in their area. They feel safer and proud. That means a lot to me.

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Winners will be revealed the night of the 2015 Annual Awards Gala.



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