Pendleton native's love for Madison County shows with award nomination

By Dirk Webb

Photo by Dale Pickett


Chris Barkdull, Owner

CB Fabricating

425 Sycamore St.

Anderson, IN 46016

(765) 649-1336

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Chris Bardull, Owner of CB Fabricating is Madison County through and through. A native of Pendleton, Barkdull will tell you very simply, “I like Madison County.” His company, CB Fabricating was founded in 2007 and continues to thrive on Anderson’s west side serving a varying customer base including a far ranging offering of Agricultural and Transportation products.

In addition, CB Fabricating serves the Medical field producing surgical trays for Orthopedic and Dental practices. A visit to the Indiana State Fair will reveal CB kiosks and self-serve solutions that include ticket dispensing booths for the rides and attractions.

As a Small Business of the Year finalist, Chris Barkdull is passionate about his company but he is also excited about the strides our community is making to provide jobs and a future for all of us.

Why here in Madison County? “Its home. I’ve lived in a couple other states and moved back to Pendleton. I like Madison County. I still find there is hope and that we will continue to move forward. This is truly a great place to start a business. As a company we do everything within the county, we hire locally, and we give second chances to those looking for a job who might have made bad decisions in the past.”

What are your goals for 2015? “To be in business for 2016 and further. Each year we have continued to grow so we are very blessed and thankful that our business is being watched over. We want to continue to maintain good quality.”

Why are you in this business? “The world has enough doctors and lawyers so I went into fabricating.

Who do you consider the most courageous person in history and why? “You’ll never find this person in a history book but it’s my grandfather, Leroy Parker. He fought in World War I then came back home to work at GM. He showed true belief in me as a child and though he died when I was an eighth grader, to this day he is still my hero.”

If you were to take that person on a tour of your business, what one thing would you want them to see? “What believing in someone can do. He instilled the value of loving what you do. I’d love to show him the new technology because I still have all his hand tools, including his hand cranked drill press, his wrenches, and anvil. He would be amazed to see that now the machines are programmed to cut your parts.”

What was the defining moment when you knew your business was making a difference? “When I no longer had to eat SPAM. My wife, even though she’s an incredible cook, could fix SPAM a thousand different ways. I love the support of my wife and family. My mother still works here in the business. I don’t measure success by money, I measure success in helping to change people’s lives. In my mind, if everyone is happy at the end of the day, we’ve done our job. The hardest obstacle you’re ever going to face is in the mirror…if I know I’ve done all I can to make us all a success and we’ve done it legally, morally and ethically, then I’m a happy man.”

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Winners will be revealed the night of the 2015 Annual Awards Gala.



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