A business launched and powered by friendship

Written by  Jan 26, 2016

The legacy continues with these award finalists from Pendleton

Interview by Dirk Webb

Photo courtesy of Dale Pickett


Jeremy Bergunder and Shane Skinner


RenCon Sevices, Inc.

8504 S State Road 9

Pendleton, IN 46064

(317) 644-1347

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It’s amazing what the power of friendship can accomplish. Rencon Construction began as an idea between friends Shane Skinner and Jeremy Burgunder in Indianapolis. Since then these visionaries have forged a company that has made Pendleton, Indiana their home. Quickly they are building a legacy in Central Indiana and beyond simply by applying good old fashioned family values. From Construction Management to Renovations to Facility Repair, Recon continues to expand a spread the word that Madison County is alive and well.

Would you consider Madison County to be in the midst of sunrise? What does the business sunrise across the horizon look like to you?

“Madison County definitely has the feeling of new and exciting growth. Just by driving around the county, you witness a lot of new construction as well as renovation work taking place with established businesses. We actually performed a major renovation project for Starbucks Coffee in Anderson last year, and it’s simply amazing to see all of the work going on around that area. We have been located in Pendleton for four years now and are excited to be part of the emerging growth of Madison County.”

What does "A New Day" mean to you?

“A New Day” can carry a lot of different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. In 2015 we had our fair share of challenges, tragedies, and missed opportunities. However we also experienced record new growth and finished a lot of difficult projects that Shane and I, as owners, are extremely proud of. We have a very talented, hard-working, team of employees that share in our philosophy of consistently going above and beyond for all of our clients. Even when we have a setback, there is always “A New Day” to make things right and provide our customers with the outstanding service they have come to expect from our team. In the construction business, you know that you’re going to run into occasional issues with missed deadlines, under-performing subcontractors, weather delays, and other challenges. As a company, it is our goal to minimize those issues but also to learn from them and grow into an even better, more efficient company.”

How has your optimism helped you guide your company’s vision?

“We have a running joke in the office about everyone’s glass being either half empty or half full. Any time a member of our team is in a slump and begins talking negatively about a particular project, supplier, or subcontractor, we’re always quick to point out that their glass needs to change to half full! In construction, like most businesses, your demeanor and attitude play a very important role when trying to run a successful project. Negativity and uncertainty both spread very quickly. Not only do clients pick up the negative vibe, but also your team members, subcontractors, material suppliers, and everyone else involved in a project also pick up on the negativity. It can quickly turn a job site into an unpleasant and chaotic place which kills productivity and can lead to bad things such as arguments or even accidents. It is imperative that everyone keeps an optimistic attitude and displays confidence in their decisions and actions. Like negativity, optimism also spreads very quickly and can lead to a much better, more efficient job site environment. As owners and leaders of the company, that optimism, hope, and confidence needs to start with us.”

Is your optimism ever threatened?

“Our optimism is threatened on a daily basis. Running a business has been one of the hardest, most challenging things that Shane and I have ever done. As owners of a small business, we are involved in every aspect of the company. Like all business owners, we wear many hats and deal with new challenges on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed whether it’s dealing with personnel issues, problems with regulations or permitting, reviewing financials, maintaining strong relationships with our clients, managing our books and taxes, soliciting new work, etc. The most important thing is to maintain balance and keep a positive attitude. Luckily we have built a great team at RenCon, and when one person is down there is always someone quick to lift them back up.”

If Optimism leads to achievement, what is it you hope your company will achieve in 2016?

“One of our main goals of 2016 is to be more competitive and successful in the local markets. We have an outstanding list of clients that keeps our team very busy, but it also requires a lot of travel. We regularly perform work in over a dozen different states, and all that travel takes its toll on the employees. It’s difficult on anyone to be away from their home and family for an extended period of time. Although we’ll never fully get away from the travel, we would like to find more local work to keep our team closer to home. Most of our employees are from Madison County or nearby areas in Central Indiana, so we would love to get more involved in the large amount of local construction currently going on.”

If you were to have five minutes with someone who was considering relocating to Madison County what would you tell them?

“We are very happy with our decision to move to Madison County four years ago. It is conveniently located in Central Indiana with easy access to numerous highways and interstates. That helps tremendously with our business since we travel all over the Midwest and beyond, plus we receive a large number of deliveries for many of our clients and projects. It’s easy to see why this area is considered the Heartland because the members of the community are very helpful, friendly, God-fearing individuals who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty and working hard to support their families. The Madison County Chamber of Commerce is actively involved in the business community and offers an abundance of different programs and networking opportunities to help individuals and businesses thrive in the region. You can’t really ask for a better place to be!”

RenCon is one of three finalists being considered for the 2015 Small Business of the Year award. Thanks in part to St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital, the winner will be announced on February 25 at the 2016 Annual Awards Gala.

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