Indiana Chamber: Manufacturing Jobs Making the Shift

Written by  Aug 30, 2017

Burning Glass is a Boston-based organization that is a leader in labor market analytics based on its artificial intelligence technology reviewing hundreds of millions of job postings. The Indiana Chamber's BizVoice® magazine featured a yearlong series in 2015 based on Burning Glass analytics.

A new research brief outlines that "American manufacturers now post more jobs for software developers than production workers." It goes on to add that "software developers are now second only to sales positions in terms of the total number of jobs posted."

Burning Glass uses the auto industry as a prime example of the changes that are taking place. In 2012, vehicle manufacturer postings for software developers and mechanical engineers were equal.Four years later, in 2016, the software developer postings doubled those of mechanical engineers.

And in a reflection of the battle for talent, the time to fill a software opening (48 days) is 50% longer than that of production workers (32 days).

A geographical analysis finds a mismatch. A higher concentration of software developer job postings occurs on the coasts (think California, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts and Connecticut). Manufacturing operations and postings are more clustered in the Midwest. The 12 states with the higher production worker job postings include Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska.

Burning Glass has a two-page summary, complete with charts and analysis.

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