VP Pence in Anderson: Talks Tax Reform, Putting Business and Families First

Written by  Sep 25, 2017

Image: Madison County Chamber


   Anderson saw the return of the Executive Branch for the first time since the Truman administration this past Friday. Vice President Mike Pence stepped onto the scene to deliver a talk on the Trump administration’s major platforms through the rest of 2017, as well as some of the reforms they are wanting to enact as soon as possible. It was a special occasion as Pence returned to a district he previously had served, before stepping into higher office, and was surrounded by a host of familiar faces and loyal supporters.

   Attendees were awarded with news of incoming tax cuts, many aimed at financially stabilizing ailing small businesses, as well as combatting oversea manufacturing undercutting domestic production. Pence said annual compliance with the tax code costs America $262 Billion to our economy, which is doubly disadvantageous to businesses; “Our tax code is giving foreign companies an enormous competitive edge over American businesses and those days are over.”

   He additionally mentioned the work the Trump administration is doing within the Republican-majority Congress to move along a complete repeal and replace of Obamacare, as well as a substantial increase to defense spending, saying that President Trump would be “the best friend the Arms Forces of the United states will ever have”. Trump has already signed the largest increase in spending in 10 years, and is working with Congress to pass the largest investment since the Reagan administration.

   A reworking of the tax code was given most mention as the Trump administration is hoping to sign a new tax code by the end of the year. If completed as Pence described, it would mean citizens could file taxes on as little as a sheet of paper, simplifying the overly-bureaucratic process for all.

   As the economy continues growing, up to 3% since Trump took office, more opportunities are sure to come for ailing communities and those on the rebound. If some of these promises are delivered on, which some have been, both sides of the aisle are sure to see growth and hopefully, prosperity back in central Indiana.





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