Adaption In Action: Anderson Wigam Reborn as Jane Pauley Community Health Center

Written by  Oct 06, 2017



The Anderson High School Wigwam’s transformation has begun with the opening of the new Jane Pauley Community Health Center, which has become a fine addition to a growing list of community health services in the area.

The center focuses on supporting the needs of the underinsured or uninsured with medical, dental and behavioral practices. Additional facilities in Anderson and Alexandria increase the availability of the program locally, and they’re only growing.


Photo Credit: Madison County Chamber

“For all of our sites in general, we’re trending to close to about 90,000 site visits this year for all of our services, here in Madison county I’d probably guess that we’re (at) the tune the tune of 25,000 to 30,000….” said Marc Hackett, Executive Director of Jane Pauley.

Their new location at the Wigwam is the 4th in the county. An expansion will see Jane Pauley taking over the entire 3rd floor of its current facility at Community Hospital Anderson. An additional Jane Pauley center was recently opened for general medicine in Alexandria, as well as the Anderson-based D26 Dental Center. This is a noteworthy increase in access to healthcare in Madison.

Photo Credit: Madison County Chamber

The historic Wigwam facility in Anderson’s reimaging as a shared facility is starting to take shape with the opening of the new center. What was once a gem of our community’s sports and academic history was quite controversially shuttered in recent years to save an ailing education department layoffs and budget cuts. While the gym is still intact (this area is not a part of the remodel of the Jane Pauley facility), a look ahead will consider all the building’s potential for organizations looking to convert the space.

Jesse Wilkerson of Jesse J. Wilkerson & Associates LLC was excited for the potential reuses for the facility: “It’s exciting because you get to see something repurposed. A lot of people don’t understand that, seeing something one way and then actually watching it develop and turn into something else, it’s pretty cool.”

 Learn more about how the Jane Pauley centers serve our community on their website,





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