St. Vincent Anderson Offers Head/Neck Cancer Screenings

Written by  Jul 30, 2018

St. Vincent Anderson is offering free Head and Neck Cancer Screenings on August 18 in St. Vincent Anderson Cancer Center, Erskine Medical Office Building, Suite 100, 2020 Meridian Street in Anderson. The screenings will be provided by otolaryngologist Dr. Paul Warrick. To schedule an appointment, call 765-608-2677 before August 16. Limited appointments are available.

Malignant tumors that develop in or around the throat, larynx, nose, sinuses and mouth are commonly referred to as “head and neck” cancers. St. Vincent Anderson Radiation Oncologist Dr. Alexander Yeh says individuals over age 50 are at highest risk for developing head and neck cancers, as are those who participate in heavy tobacco and alcohol use and prolonged sun exposure. Additional risks are chronic reflux disease, infection, or exposure to Humanpapilloma Virus (HPV) or Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).

Individuals can help prevent head and neck cancer by avoiding heavy alcohol and tobacco use; using sunscreen regularly; and maintaining good oral hygiene and overall immune system health. Symptoms of head and neck cancers include: swelling or soreness in the five main areas of the head and neck, unexplained weight loss, and blood in the saliva.

“If you have unexplained symptoms in any of these areas, it is best to consult a physician for a screening. While prevention methods are important, there is no proven way to totally eliminate risk of developing head and neck cancers. This is why screenings are important,” said Dr. Yeh. “"A simple, routine and quick check into your nose, mouth and throat by a physician or dentist is important in helping to detect head and neck cancer. The earlier these cancers are detected, the greater the probability of recovery.”

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